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betahaus | ACADEMY is growing and offering its high quality and speciality courses in the fields of business & marketing, web & design, and crafts & DIY in Hamburg. Join the launch party on the 21st of July at betahaus | Hamburg, listen to inspirational keynotes and party with us. By the way: this is also the 6th birthday of betahaus | Hamburg – so expect a big party!


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With more than 400 coworkers, betahaus Hamburg is the hub for Hamburg’s innovative thinkers and doers, and the perfect home for betahaus | ACADEMY. Having been the community manager for almost three years, Deva longed to bring out the coworking experts‘ knowledge and make it beneficial for enthusiastic learners. Now she is curating the workshop program for betahaus ACADEMY in Hamburg, designed to fit and improve your talents.


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Being launched with a great party, betahaus | ACADEMY will start with more than a dozen workshops in Hamburg, taught by passionate experts, with hands–on content and lots of practice. Excited? Then here is a first insight to our workshop program:


Want to find your superpowers? Connect with your inner superhero and supercharge your career in this interactive workshop by  Inken Arntzen and Jörn Hendrik Ast.

Having a special cooperation with the Superhelden-Training, we are happy to invite you to the Superhelden-Workshop starting the 1st of July at betahaus Hamburg.


Discomfort for Glory – double your business in a year
Always going for comfort? Stop. Successful business development means raising the bar and the confrontation of ideas, of models, of users, of investments but never of people. Startup enthusiast and innovation expert Laurent Burdin shows you how „discomfort“ lets your business grow.


Clear your Mind – intro to mindfulness
Lack of concentration disrupting your work-life balance? A perfect control of the mind is the astonishing ability of zen buddhists. Being an instructor for Zen Meditation and a systemic Coach, Christine Dohler will lead you into mindfulness.


Build your Website – with WordPress
Is setting up your own website tearing your hair out? WordPress, while being the leading platform for websites, can still be a challenge for start-ups wanting to build their own website. With a hands-on workshop, Michael Visser will teach you WordPress‘ best practices, give you tips and feedback to build successful websites that grow with your company.




The Product Field – your toolbox for product thinking
The product field is a dynamic canvas and toolbox for product innovation. Explore your product’s success factors, identify potential for improvement, and take your product to the next level of innovation. betahaus Hamburg Co-founder Wolfgang Wopperer-Beholz  and Tim Schurig will navigate you through the Product Field to improve the product or service you’re working on.


Shine a Light – improve your photo skills
Step into the art of doing amazing photography. With Kathrine Uldbæk Nielsen you will dive deep into capturing the moment, get the best out of your camera tools – from iPhone to single lens reflex cameras –  and give it the final touch to let it shine.


Digital Success – navigate your business
Learning how to think and become successful digitally will enable you to sustain the future growth of your business and your product. Demand for digital skills and offers will continue to run high, while most companies have only started thinking about turning digital. Digital consultant Jan C. Rode aka der Medienlotse will navigate you to your digital future.


Did you know? betahaus member as well as member of the DMW can always book the cheaper member ticket.



Want to learn more? Get to know the whole program, listen to lightening talks
and party with us on the 21st of July at betahaus | Hamburg.
Sign up to get your special invitation with a voucher for your first Workshop at betahaus | ACADEMY Hamburg.




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