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Learn about the best ways to pitch your business profitably with Reema Singhal. She shares some inspiring insights in this blogpost.


How terrible is it when you spend days and nights endlessly fine-tuning every single word in your elevator pitch, making sure it is within 30 seconds, making sure it covers all your awesome product features…and even includes your tagline!
But still, when you proudly state it in front of someone you meet at a business networking event, that person just ogles at you with blank eyes and a fake smile? And then asks a “stupid” question about something that you just said in your pitch just a few seconds ago!

Or worse, they just hand over their business card to you and politely walk over to someone else to ask the same question, “So, what do you do?” <<Smile>>
This feels bad, doesn’t it?


There’s no need to carry resentment in your heart against them. You see, customers, or potential customers, are not easy people. That’s because of our primitive – friend or foe – nature. The moment we sense that the intentions of the other person are to make us open our wallets and give them our precious money, we sense danger and our defensive walls rise up to protect us from this “danger”. Our defensive walls rise high. They rise sceptical. And they rise arrogant. We want to flee away from the person.


*We hate being sold to
That is why, pitches targeted at customers can be so tricky in their approach.

*We also hate anything that doesn’t center on us
That is why, pitches that focus on product features and benefits bore us.

*We are lazy. And so are our brains. We don’t like to work hard for others
That is why, pitches that are not crystal clear to understand are forgotten by us immediately the moment we hear them.


And then the prospects give the glazey-eyed look with their best fake smile, take a sip of the wine, slowly turn their faces around to see someone else and politely excuse themselves from the conversation. In addition to the above given hints, try to incorporate any of the following perspectives into your pitch. Use these as the beacon from which your entire pitch should shine out – means, this is the approach you could choose to take in your pitch for your customers:

  • The Cure Approach: Show how you’re aiding out specific people, which is your target market of course, from an undesirable situation
  • The Love Approach: Usually the best approach to take with an individual’s story of an experience, aha moments, and what shaped your product’s reason for existence
  • The Fear Approach: How the lack of your product can cause serious limitation of something of value to your customers


P.S. – And yeah, never end your pitch by looking at your listener with a look that clearly says, ‘Soooooo. What do you think? Isn’t my business idea genius?!’ That’s desperate. Desperation isn’t cool.



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